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Top Packing Tips

Whether you’re moving, renovating or decluttering and are getting ready to pack up some of your belongings here are a few tips to help.  Whether you’ve made room in your garage, up in the attic or you want a bit more space and peace of mind with a self-storage unit, packing well will ensure your belongings are safe and you make the best use of the storage space at Southwick storage.

However, packing can feel daunting but, with careful planning and consideration, and with the help of our storage guru’s top packing tips you can make the process a lot smoother.

It’s important that you choose good quality boxes to keep your possessions safe and sound. A durable and sturdy box will help you to make the most of your storage space, making it possible to stack the boxes safely on top of each other.

In addition, you will want to choose the right box sizes. At Southwick Storage, we offer a variety of boxes and packaging materials, so you can pick the best size box for your belongings.

This is one of the most important storage tips. Putting heavy items on the bottom of boxes means that you make a stable base and can then place your lighter or more delicate possessions on top of them without damaging anything.

If you’re storing bulky items, such as blankets or towels, vacuum seal them to ensure they’re not taking up too much space. By doing this, you can store several items in the same box and free up space in the storage unit for more of your belongings.

Your boxes shouldn’t be so full that you can’t lift them comfortably; in fact, they should retain their square shape and be able to easily close without using force. Equally important is to make sure you’re not under filling the boxes, since that will make it difficult to stack them (they can get crushed under the weight of heavier boxes if this is the case).

Instead of just folding the boxes close, tape them to ensure they remain secure. Good quality tape is also crucial, because it will keep the structure of your boxes intact and protect your belongings.

If you have many heavy items to store, make sure you’re not packing them into one big box. Otherwise, the box will too heavy for you to carry and of course, it could break as you move it. Split your possessions over small boxes that are easy to carry.

To keep your furniture in top condition, cover and pad every piece with protective materials. This will keep them safe from scratches, breakages and other damages, as well as free from dust.

If you’re packing delicate items such as glasses or picture frames, the last thing you want is to, accidentally, open the box the wrong way around or store it incorrectly. To prevent this, mark the stacking direction of the boxes, so you know how to store them.

If you’re moving or your attic or garage aren’t an option, Southwick Storage has many units available in Southwick Nr Trowbridge, perfect for your storage needs – however big or small. We provide a full range of boxes and packing materials, we’re confident we can help you find what you’re looking for and the storage space which suits your needs.