Storage needs to be simple. After all, it ain’t no rocket science! We make it easy, safe and (mostly) fun – how we would like to find things if we were on the hunt for storage ourselves. Because we are part of the local economy and have been in the community for many generations. We are not some big corporate outfit!
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Which Padlock?

If it’s worth storing, then it’s worth securing correctly!  Although any padlock can secure a storage unit, we highly recommend on all our Gold storage units that you buy a container type padlock as above.

The container padlock is ideal for use on storage containers fitted with a security steel lock box (see image above), or anywhere a strong lock is required. The shackle configuration, especially when used in conjunction with the lock box, prevents attack by conventional bolt cutters as the lock is shielded by the steel box.

If you are renting either our Silver or Bronze storage units, then our standard padlock is recommended, its similar to the container padlock but much small, which make it unsuitable for our Gold storage units.

We carry both styles of padlock in stock for your convenience.