Storage needs to be simple. After all, it ain’t no rocket science! We make it easy, safe and (mostly) fun – how we would like to find things if we were on the hunt for storage ourselves. Because we are part of the local economy and have been in the community for many generations. We are not some big corporate outfit!
Poplar Tree Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9NB
01225 560807
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Nearly Finished!

Give your 2 weeks notice.

We hope your time storing at Southwick has been a good experience. To finalise your storage ready to vacate please follow the steps below. Don’t be alarmed if you still get an invoice during the notice period, it’s automated.

  • Submit this form: giving 2 weeks notice.
  • Please fully empty your storage unit.
  • Clean and brush it out.
  • Photograph the clean empty storage unit.
  • Make sure the doors are closed.
  • Leave us a review!

When you’re finished:

Thank you again for choosing Southwick Storage we hope you recommend us to your friends.