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All you need to know

about moving in.

What happens once you book?

We will email you a storage licence agreement for signing. This will come for Signable. Rhino Storage Salisbury our parent company. 

  1. This can be signed with your finger on you mobile phone, we will also require photo ID with your address, Passport or Driver licence.  This is simpler than it sounds, just follow the instruction or call if you have any problems and we will talk you through it.
  2. You will also be sent a link to GoCardless to set up a Direct debit for future payment. No money will be taken until the end of the first 4 weeks then a 4 week payment will be taken at the standard rate without discount.
  3. Once we recieve notification that both these have been completed we will then text you the unit number and activate the gate for you. 
  4. You will find the padlock or key inside the storage unit on the floor ready for you.
  5. You can access the unit any time from midnight on the day you book the unit, unless it has restricted access then it will be from the time stated when you booked. 

24hr Secure Gate Access

Gold storage units have 24/7 access, this work with your mobile phone. 

  1. You phone 07546 301614 from your mobile, (This will only work from the phone number you gave us when you booked your unit.
  2. It will ring 3 times and then drop the call 9Call failed) this activates the gate which then opens.
  3. If you call from any other phone which has not been added to our system it will ring once and drop the call (call failed) it will not open then gate however many times you try.
  4. You can easily let somebody into the site by asking them to call you when they arrive at the gate and then you call the gate from where ever you are. you do not need to be onsite to open the gate.
  5. To Exit, repeat by calling 07546 301614 and the gate will open. 

Find you storage unit.

Use the map to locate your storage unit, your padlock or key will be found inside the unit on the floor.  We recommend that you print off this map and take a copy with you.

How to open a container door?

Please don’t open both doors together, they will jam. Always open the right hand door first, check out this quick video.

Returning your unit..

We hope your time storing at Southwick has been a good experience. To finalise your storage ready to vacate please follow the steps below. Don’t be alarmed if you still get an invoice during the notice period, it’s automated.

  • Submit this form: giving 2 weeks notice.
  • Please fully empty your storage unit.
  • Clean and brush it out.
  • Photograph the clean empty storage unit.
  • Make sure the doors are closed.
  • Leave us a review!

When you’re finished:

Thank you again for choosing Southwick Storage we hope you recommend us to your friends.

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